Zen Shiatsu & Coaching


Health, balance & inner peace


Life is always guiding you towards healing.

Zen Shiatsu

Balancing & intuitive  massage, that
reduces stress and supports relaxation of body and mind.

Shiatsu works with palm and thumb pressure on physical tensions and energetic blocks.


Zen coaching

A coaching method that supports
effortless transformation, truthful action

authentic relationships with yourself and others.

Is it possible to live a
happy, healthy and balanced life till old age?

Stephanie Von der Thannen
Shiatsu practitioner - Coach in the Zen Coaching network - Tantra Therapist

This question is fueling my own path and was leading me to  study Yoga, Meditation, Zen Shiatsu, Chi gong, Zen Coaching, Tantra ...

I realized that cultures like China, Japan and India prevailed  ancient knowledge & philosophies and still teach:


  • Awareness & inner peace through meditation.

  • Bringing our life energy (Chi) into smooth flow and keeping our bodies healthy and minds agile. E.g. with Chi Gong, Do in, Acupuncture, Shiatsu .....

  • Focusing not only on symptoms, but supporting the whole system to come back into balance


Malin Mella
Leg. Psykolog / Organisationskonsult

Fantastiskt avslappnande och avstressande session. Mjuk, intuitiv massage, jag somnade under sessionen och sov sedan i två timmar efteråt djupt avslappnad. Stephanie är verkligen dedikerad och hörde av sig efteråt för att stämma av hur vi mådde samt kom med tips. Kan varmt rekommendera Stephanie! Tack

Peter Svanborg

Jag kan varmt rekommendera Stephanies behandling. Känslan av att komma ner i kroppen, bli närvarande och få energi infinner sig.

Karolina Lundin
Career advisor

This was really amazing. It was super relaxing and I felt so calm afterwards. A perfect way to treat yourself and get rid of stress.



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Zen Coaching
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