Stephanie Von der Thannen

Shiatsu practitioner & Coach in the Zen Coaching network - Tantra Therapist

I grew up in a small village in Austria, surrounded by big mountains, beautiful nature, lots of snow in the winter.

Having an identical twin sister, I experienced the joy of unity and the challenge and need to find my own path.

After graduating from business school and shortly working with accounting, I decided to followed my heart and discovering the world and other ways of living.
An Eco-village in Portugal was my home-base for 10 years - a time of many insights and learnings.
And it was also a time of many travels and discovering the world.
This truly opened my eyes for the diversity of our planet - the beauty as well as the suffering.

Since 2017 I live in Stockholm (Sweden).

My fascination for healing, conscious touch, presence and authentic connections, led me to study Zen Shiatsu and Zen Coaching, Meditation, Tantra,  Chi Gong ...

I feel grateful for life and all the support I received to turn my passions into my profession and to hold space for others.



Andreas Thim
Business Development

The best ever!!!

Nina Åkerlund

Freelance Actress & Certified Coach

What an experience!! Waking up the morning after my session from sleeping so deep, deeper than in a long time! Feeling calm and moving through the day very slowly, relaxed and in-tuned with my own rhythm. So good to connect with how increased my sensitivity is at its core. Thank you!

Johan Paleovrachas

Got Zen Shiatsu recommended by a friend and after several "treatments" I can highly recommend this to anyone. Experienced great body healing and presence after each session. Thanks!