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Blossom into your female power

  • It's time to rise from the mud of our collective and personal trauma and to realize, that we are the creators of our lives.

  • It's time to re-connect with our qualities as women and fill them with confidence: our intuition, power, softness and  wisdom of the heart.

  • It's time to recognize our bodies as sacred. To stop comparing and judging and instead celebrating all its forms and shapes.

  • It's time to realize that the feminine principle is needed to take it's place, if we truly want to create a world with more balance, beauty and peace with our dear men.

  • It's time to blossom.

  • It's time to be in our full radiance

  • It's time to be YOU.

Tantra Therapy

Welcome to be you.
Welcome to be in your true femininity.

Tantra therapy helps women to release blockages and tensions around body, sexuality and womanhood.

In a loving and safe space you are invited to meet those wounded places in yourself and opening up to more aliveness, self-love and your female power.

The sessions can include coaching, bodywork, energetic work, yoni healing and soft de-armoring. ...
The session will be tailored for your needs.

Tantra Therapy can help with

Body image

Freeing yourself from shame and guilt around your sexuality, vagina and body.

=> Shame prevents pleasure!

Learn to love and adore your body.

Awaken your senses

Numbness in life is quite common.
-> Being disconnected from your emotions &
your body. and being a lot in the mind.

Learn to feel safe in your body and to meet your 
feelings with loving acceptance.
Awaken your senses and the gift of your sensuality.

Limiting beliefs, morals, conditioning

Expanding patterns that keep you stuck and limit your life. Open up to more life energy, self-confidence and radiance.

Releasing Trauma
  • traumatic birth-giving and scar tissue

  • trauma around sexuality

Tantra Therapy can help releasing tensions and trauma stored in the fascia (in the vagina and whole body).

Sexual dysfunctions
  • lack / loss of libido

  • pain in intercourse

  • vaginism (lower part of vagina entrance tight and painful)

  • numbness; inability to feel pleasure

Hey, I'm Stephanie

A Dakini & Tantra Therapist, educated by "The Art of Love" (Lin Holmquist),
Shiatsu bodyworker and Coach in the Zen Coaching network.

I belief that life is a gift and to be lived fully. That our bodies and sexual energy are sacred and to be celebrated.

My fascination for the body & conscious touch, spirituality and authentic connections is guiding me throughout my life.

In Tantra I found a spiritual path, that is not denying the body and world of matter - but embracing all aspects of life and supporting to be who we really are.

When I received my first Yoni Healing session, I felt so deeply touched in my feminine core. And I felt a deep calling, to give this gift further and to create such healing spaces for many other women.

Click HERE for more information about upcoming Tantra Therapy Trainings with Lin Holmquist.

Blossoming Sessions:

Awaken your senses

Relaxing tantric full-body massage to awaken your senses. 
With different kinds of touch you are invited to feel, relax, enjoy, discover and open up to your sensuality and life energy.

(A  tantric massage does not include yoni healing.)

Tantra therapy

Work on a specific issue.
A Tantric session helps to release emotional and physical blockages that limit your life energy and to open up to more self-love,  femininity, your source of power.  
A tantric session can include: different exercises, coaching, energywork, bodywork.

Yoni Healing

A beautiful and powerful healing space.
Soft vaginal de-armoring through loving presence & stillness.
Letting go of blockages and tensions stored in the vaginal tissue. Reclaiming your space, opening up to increased sensitivity and orgasmic potential. A safe space for women to relax, heal and open up to their inner radiance. Includes a tantric full-body massage.
(Yoni = Vagina)


Tantric massage / therapy
1,5h = 1.400kr

2h = 1.800kr

Yoni Healing
2-3h = 2.400kr

(Yoni Healing takes between 2-3 hours. shower available)


Hammarby Sjöstad (Stockholm)
Welcome to a calm area with lots of water and forest close-by. You can enjoy the rejuvenating surrounding and might want to take a walk before or after your session.


Send me an email with your preferred session, duration, time and day. After receiving a confirmation from me, you can pay the whole amount (swish, credit card, bank transfer possible).

Please cancel or change sessions at least 48h before your appointment, otherwise the whole amount will be charged. Cancellation fee always: 250 SEK.


My place of power and creativity

"Yoni" is a Sanskrit word for vagina that translates to
"sacred space or temple”.

In tantra, the Yoni is viewed from a perspective of love and respect.
She is the place of your power, beauty, wisdom, creativity.

The yoni is a portal to life energy.

With freeing your yoni and sexuality from guilt and shame, you open up to your life energy and potential.



"One of the strongest, deepest healing sessions I’ve ever had with immense emotional and physical release.

I truly believe - what Stephanie has done in just one session - will have an impact on both me and my baby for the rest of our lives - healing our traumatic birth story.

Stephanie is the most present, calm and lovingly therapist one can meet. She makes you feel 100% completely safe and that there is allowance to express absolutely anything without fear, guilt or shame.
I wish every woman would be given the opportunity and possibility to meet with her yoni in this deep and nurturing healing experience.

Stephanie works like a vessel of peace and honest communication, transforming stress and pain to a relaxed state of being."


"I had three sessions with Stephanie. Each of them was very different due to the changes of my inner state. She was ready to softly accompany me with her female wisdom. I felt very much held in her non- judgmental way of being there for me.

Through her wholesome presence and questions: I could travel back to my childhood and transform old patterns.

And in another session, I was given the space to feel into my yoni. With all that wanted to be seen and perceived.

Healing for my yoni, my entire body and my heart!"



Be you

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Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm (Sweden)
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