Events & Workshops

Monday Oxytocin Massage Workshop
- held weekly for 8 months -

t's a well-known fact that human touch & connection is a foundation for our well-being and happiness.

Three deeply relaxing hours where you can experience that massage is not just an amazing therapeutic technique, but also a wonderful tool of connection between human beings.

NON-SEXUAL This is a strictly non-sexual event.
CONSENSUAL All activities are consensual and optional - feel free to only participate in activities that you feel 100% comfortable with. If you don’t want to participate in an exercise, just step aside or contact the workshop leader
BOUNDARIES We communicate personal boundaries before starting the massage. Make sure to respect others boundaries, but first and foremost, make sure to respect your own boundaries and take responsibility for them, that is, make sure to communicate your boundaries to your partner. Know also that boundaries can change over time so it’s important to continuously consider, feel in, and communicate boundaries. Equally important it is for the giver to continually communicate her or his intentions during the course of the massage in order to give the receiver time to reconsider and possibly change her or his boundaries.
CLOTHING It’s absolutely not necessary to undress for the massage - you can keep the clothes on if you prefer. Many thinks, for example, that a massage of hands/feets/head is the most enjoyable and relaxing. We keep the underwear on at all times
SAFETY If, in any situation, you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, contact the workshop leader
HESITATE TO COME? If you are curious about the event, but hesitate to come for any reason, you are welcome to come and just feel in the loving vibes in the opening circle without participating in the actual massage.

17.30-18.00 Welcome to help with preparations and connect with other participants
18.00-18.50 Opening circle with guided connection exercises
18.50-19.30 Massage in pairs or more (1st round, about 40 minutes)
19.30-19.50 Snack break
19.50-20.30 Massage in pairs or more (2nd round, about 40 minutes)
20.30-20.45 Closing circle
20.45-21.00 Communal cleaning of the place that we use for free (leave no trace principle)
21.00-21.30 Free hang out

- You don't have to sign up in advance to come.
- You can come with a preferred partner or pick one at the event
- You don't have to be an experienced masseuse to participate. Newbies are welcome!
- Feel free to share this event and invite your friends

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