Zen Shiatsu


Zen = a japanese word for "meditation"
Shiatsu= means "finger pressure"

Stress is a number one problem in our western societies and can lead to various symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, headaches, allergies.

Zen Shiatsu works on the physical, mental and energetic level and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which supports balance of body and mind.

It has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and works with stretches,  pressure points and massaging along the meridians of the body which channel Qi (life energy).

Stephanie is a certified Zen Shiatsu practitioner and practices yoga, chi gong and meditation on a regular basis to keep her own “Chi” in flow and balance. 

Zen Shiatsu can help with

Women's health

Alleviating PMS symptoms, supporting regular menstruation and smooth blood flow

Fatigue & Sleeping problems

If you have a light sleep or wake up during certain hours. Shiatsu can support the ability for deep nourishing sleep and rest.

Stress, digestive problems, allergies, headaches ...

Many people have problems to relax and the constant over-activation of our busy daily life can lead to various physical symptoms and problems.

The soothing touch of Zen Shiatsu activates the parasympathetic nervous system which is  responsible for relaxation and helps to alleviate stress and to activate the self-healing ability of the body.


Strong emotional states like anger, agitation, frustration, grief, sadness, stress, worrying ... are a sign of in-balance. 

Shiatsu works on the physical and emotional level and supports to come back to balance and inner peace.


Sara Klasson
Web Developer

The treatment was attentive and soft, and at the same time strong and spot on. I l loved every minute of it.

Linnéa Ekbom
Family Therapist

This was such a nurturing treatment. I felt really relaxed on a deep level and I could feel a strong connection with my inner child afterwards. I would definitely do the treatment again with Stephanie. I felt trust in her and she created a safe space for me to relax. Thank you!

Herman Ottoson

Känner du dig orkeslös eller behov av varm beröring? Rekommenderar verkligen Stephanie Von der Thannen. Mjuk, inkännande Shiatsu. Somnade flera gånger. Så skönt!